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ICA Board of Directors 2013-2015

ICA Board of Directors 2013-2015

The board of directors of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)
consists of 25 directors from 16 countries and

Mr. Benjamin Hackman was elected as ICA
president for a two-year term from 2013 to 2015.
Hackman has been a member of ICA since 1984 and served two terms in the ICA
board. He is also Mr Ehud Harel – Israel ICA Secretary Mr Bruce Bridges – USA
ICA Secretary Mr Clement Sabbagh – Brazil ICA Director Mr Marcelo Ribeiro –
Brazil ICA Director Mr Sampat R. Poddar – Canada ICA Director
Mr Damien Cody
– Australia ICA Director a member of several organizations serving the trade in
the US including three terms as AGTA board members and treasurer, plus one term
as president. Mr Hackman is the managing director of Intercolor USA.


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