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Santpal Sinchawla and Ashoo Sinchawla bring passion and experience to the leadership of Sant Enterprises. Envisioning the company to be at the highest tier in the regional gems and jewelry industry, the husband and wife duo continues to create the utmost satisfaction for all clients and set a new standard of customer relationship development.

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Montana Sapphires
Added: September 10, 2020

Few are aware that the United States has not just one, but several sapphire deposits, all in the same state. When it comes to the American stone, Montana reigns supreme. Facet-quality sapphires are mined at four different locations. The azure blues of Yogo Gulch can stand with some of the best from Asia and Africa. […]

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Gemfields: Rubies
Added: August 7, 2020

An exciting new series offering viewers a glimpse inside our world of coloured gemstones. This the fourth and final short educational film, which bring to life Gemfields’ rubies. Sant Enterprises has an enviable collection of Gemfields Rubies in their inventory, which you can browse here. Video Courtesy: Gemfields (Youtube)

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GRS Documentary: The Mozambique Ruby Collection – A Lifetime Experience
Added: June 22, 2020

Dr. Peretti travels around the world to discover the magic of Mozambican rubies. From rough to polished. The journey commences at the Gemfields ruby auction in Singapore, moving on to Sri Lanka and Thailand for cutting and polishing until the finished gem can be unveiled with Santpal & Anurak Sinchawla from SANT.The video focuses on […]

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Mogok Tales
Added: January 14, 2020

This short movie documents Mr. Santpal and Mrs. Ashoo’s recent journey to the famed “Valley of Rubies” Mogok, Myanmar.

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Mozambique Ruby Documentary – Mine to Market
Added: April 1, 2019

This short movie documents the incredible journey of Mozambique Rubies from the ground to a finished gem, ready for making exquisite jewelry. The documentary involves videography in 5 countries and depicts with great clarity and artistic beauty of a gem from ‘Mine to Market’. Sant Enterprises is a key player in the Mozambique Ruby business […]

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