Our Services

"Natural, untreated gems represent rarity as well as purity and hold the capability to maintain their timeless value throughout its existence."



Gem cutting is an art and science that our expert cutters with over thirty years of experience take great pride in. The natural radiance of each stone gets revealed through meticulous work that takes into account the balance, color, and size of each unique gem. Round, diamond cuts, princess cut, square, and oval are just a few distinctions that are intensively worked in our repertoire of beautifully cut gemstones. We also undertake the delicate task of cutting or re-cutting stones with a superior level of craftsmanship to your precise specifications and satisfaction.


Within our 900 square meters establishment we have employed state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated sorting team who rely not only on their specialized training and exceptional skills, but also have an innate touch to identify the potential hidden beneath the stones’ surface. Our dedicated staff will accurately sort stones in sets, suites and standardized packages according to your exact requirements.




Our extensive knowledge and solid relationships with the local miners/cutters in various gem bearing locations enables us to produce the best products for our clients. When items are called for and not in stock – we tap into our comprehensive database that encompasses both domestic and international sources to locate the desired stone.